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Top 10 Refrigerators in India 2020 (Updated) - Review & comparison.

Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India 2019 - Reviews & comparison

Top 10 Refrigerators in India 2020: If you are looking for buying a Refrigerator you must do a research for get Best refrigerator brand in india 2020 according to your needs.

There are so many Brands are available in market. They are confusing you by their fanky speak. We will help you to get the best Refrigerator by the following Guide.
Then you know Which is the best refrigerator in India.

  Types of Refrigerators:-

There are three types of Refrigerators available in market.

 1. Single door refrigerators.

 2. Duble doors refrigerators.

 3. Three doors refrigerators.

Top 10 Refrigerators in India 2020.

Now days Refrigerator is very important part of every kitchen. it's a intrgal part of human life. There are so many Brands are available in market.They are confusing you by their fanky speak. We will help you to get the best Refrigerator by the following Guide.

1:- Samsung 394 L 3 Star ( 2019 ) Frost Free Double Door

 Model No:-( RT39M5538BS/TL)

   This is One of the "best double door refrigerator in india 2020" is the Samsung 394 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. It is also India's best double-door refrigerator.

Specifications of Samsung 394 L

1. It's a refrigerator with double doors.
 2. Its capacity for storage is 394 liters.
 3. Its type of defrosting is free of frost.
 4. Its a double-door refrigerators with an energy star rating.

Pros and Cons of Samsung 394 L

✔️  its have a Digital LED Display .

✔️ It's has a twist ice maker.

✔️Recess Handle.

 ✔️ Coolpack technology.

 ✔️ Fresh room Cooler compartment.

 ✔️   A built-in natural fiber Deodorizer.


  ❌ High power consumption.

❌  So difficult for darken room.

 2:-  Haier 195 L direct cool single door refrigerator.

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 Model no:-( HRD 1953SR-)

About it:-

You can store fruit and vegetables for long days without worrying about their freshness with the Haier HRD-1953SR-R direct cool refrigerator.

 This refrigerator was Best Refrigerator Brand in India 2020, it's a high energy efficiency 3-star rating. Moreover, this refrigerator, with its innovative 1-hour icing technology, brings the temperature of the freezer down to -5 degrees celsius in just about 1hour.

1. This refrigerator have 3 star Rating .
2. It's have 495 liter capacity.
3. This a direct cool refrigerator.
4. It's a single door refrigerator.


✔️ This Refrigerator comes with Stabilizer     Free Operation Full wide voltage design   135-290V allows free operation of the     stabilizer.

✔️ Refrigerator comes with  storage space   for bottles so you can store large bottles   and bottles. Also great for chilling tall   beverage bottles is the Big Guard.

✔️  itz have a amazing freezer technology, Get your ice cubes ready in the right shape with 19 L of freezer and conveniently store your ice snacks.

✔️  Door locking :- Now keep your children away with this door lock from unhealthy junk food.


  This refrigerator have plastic body.

❌  This refrigerator have small space.

❌. There is no free froast technology.

 3:- Samsung 253 L free frost Double     Door   Refrigerator.

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 Model No:- ( RT28K3043S8/HL )

 About it:-
 This is a double door refrigerator with great features and an innovative design. 
There is a freezer at the bottom of the Double Door door refrigerator and a bar handle that makes it easy to use.
 The refrigerator has a capacity of 253 liters allowing you to easily store all your food, vegetables and so on. 
It comes with a rating of 2 stars. The refrigerator has a high capacity for cooling.

 1:- This refrigerator comes with free Frost     cooling System.
 2:- it's have double door: auto stop ice   bulid  technology.
 3:- it's have 253 liter of Capacity.
 4:- This refrigerator comes with Inverter   Compressor.


 ✔️ It's comes with Twist Ice Maker   technology. Which means fast ice making,   also you get short period of time you can   have   more ice cubes.

 ✔️ All-Round Cooling allows everything to   be fresh by evenly cooling each inch of the   refrigerator from corner to corner. Cold air   is blown out at each shelf level through   multiple outlets, keeping the temperature   from top to bottom even and constant, and   food stays longer.

 ✔️ Stabilizer free Even in high voltage   fluctuations, Samsung's Smart Refrigerators can operate stably, eliminating the need for a separate stabilizer and improving energy efficiency.

 ✔️  This fridge working longer quieter and uses less energy Digital Inverter Technology adjusts the compressor speed automatically over 7 levels in response to cooling demand. For longer-lasting performance, it uses less energy, minimizes noise and reduces wear and tear.

 ✔️  This freezer have Fresh Room is a cooler compartment. that guarantees freshness even if the fridge door is often opened. It is the perfect place to keep green salads and dairy food, such as cheese, as they stay fresher for longer.


 ❌  This refrigerator is not suitable for huge family members.its suitable for 2-3 family members.

 4:- Whirlpool 245 L free Frost double door refrigerator.

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Model No:- ( NEO DF 258 ROY 2s )

About it;- 

The Whirlpool refrigerator comes with deep freeze technology that easily keeps the coldest temperatures inside the freezer, keeping the ice cream fresh and free of crystals. It also provides retention of cooling up to 3 times better during power cuts. The fresh vegetable crisper in the garden for 7 days helps keep your vegetables fresh and healthy for up to 7 days.


1:- This refrigerator have the 6th sence deep freeze technology.
2:-  it's have a big vagitable crisper.
3:- This refrigerator takes 230 volts.
4:- it's have 245 liter of food fresh capacity.
5:- it is a double door refrigerator.


 ✔️  It have a amazing feature that complete circular flow of air that keeps ice cream fresh, as it should be. The Chilling Gel traps cool air released during power cuts.

 ✔️  MICROBLOCK TECHNOLOGY Adapts to different internal conditions to avoid bacterial growth of up to 99%*, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

 ✔️  Whirlpool Refrigerators can operate stably even in high voltage fluctuations (130V-300V) without requiring a separate stabilizer.

 ✔️  it have an amazing feature that 7 Days garden fresh: Effective vegetable basket moisture control system Keep your vegetables fresh and healthy for up to 7 days.

 ✔️  CHILLING GEL The cool air released during power cuts is stored. 


❌. This refrigerator have no user interface panel.

❌ . It have no 3 intellisensior.

5:- Haier 276 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator.

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Model no:- ( HRB 2963 BSE)

About it:-

The Haier Refrigerator HRB2963BSE comes with features that will surely impress you. The Haier HRB2963BSE Refrigerator < has been engineered to perfection in order to preserve food for longer and to maintain and prolong its freshness. The Haier HRB2963BSE Refrigerator is highly efficient with the cooling to power consumption ratio to extend the shelf life of packaged food as well as fresh food.


1:- it's a bottom mounted refrigerator.
2:- it's 8 in one Convertible.
3:- it's have twin Energy saving modes.
4:- it got turbo icing technology.


✔️ This refrigerator have larger cooling capacity that means , The Haier HRB2963BSE refrigerator can store various edible items as well as liquids such as juice, water, soda, wine and even delicate items such as fresh vegetable juices and prevent them from turning rancid and sour. The Haier HRB2963BSE Refrigerator's Large 276Litre volume capacity helps to maintain large amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits and other fluid items for later use.

✔️ It is a Environment friendly refrigerator that gives you No harmful CFC and HCFC gasses are released by the Haier HRB2963BSE Refrigerator and are designed to cause the least harm to the environment and human health. It provides zero to negligible environmental hazards with effective cooling.

✔️ The Haier HRB2963BSE Refrigerator has been designed with a highly intelligent and energy-efficient inverter compressor that reduces noise and is known as a "Variable Speed Compressor," as it adjusts its speed according to the operation of the refrigerator. The refrigerator keeps cooling even during a power outage when connected to the home inverter.

✔️ The Haier HRB2963BSE refrigerator's energy consumption makes it one of the best refrigerators on the market as it saves on current consumption per unit.


❌ No cons are found...

 6:- Bosch KDN42AL50I Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator.

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Model no ;- ( KDN42AL50I )

About it:-

The Bosch Ref FF 367L KDN42AL50I has a total capacity of 335 liters and a sleek design. It is also equipped with an air-fresh anti-bacterial filter that provides better hygiene. The refrigerator is designed with a multi-airflow system and includes height adjustable safety glass shelves, removable door storage compartments and tilt-in freezer door trays to improve functionality.


1:- This is a free Frost refrigerator.
2:- it's a double door protect.
3;- it's need 240 volts of electricity.
4:- it have 367 liters of capacity.
5:- this one have multiflow technology.


 ✔️ Multiflow technology this refrigerator have multiflow technology that works for  keep your food healthy for long periods.

 ✔️ The refrigerator is designed with multiple airflows and includes height adjustable safety glass shelves, removable door storage compartments and freezer doors.

 ✔️ For keeping your food fresh for longer, this refrigerator ensures complete health and hygiene for your family. The refrigerators sport a chrome inox-metallic finish that gives it a more appealing look, offering a no frost design.

 ✔️ This one have an amazing deodorizing technology compare than others.


 ❌  It have not any separator for vagitable and fruits.

 ❌  It have no Water dispenser.

 ❌  Also have not ice dispenser.


 7:-  Whirlpool 190 L direct cool single door refrigerator.


Model no:- ( WDE 205 CLS PLUS 4S )

About it:-

 This refrigerator comes with two adjustable pairs of front leveling legs.The product saves energy even during power cuts with 9 hours of cooling retention and Vegetable crisper with honey comb lock in technology. This is fantastic machine.


1:- it's a 4 🌟 rating energy saving refrigerator.
2:- This refrigerator get Advanced Moisture Slider in it.
3:- this one have Vagitable crisper with honey lock .
4:- it's a direct cool refrigerator.
5:- it have 190 liter of capacity.


 ✔️ This one have INSULATED CAPILACAP TECHNOLOGY., it helps to 9 hours cooling retention, even  during power cuts.

 ✔️  It have bigger bottels rack that helps u for store more bottles in keep 2 liter bottles.

 ✔️  This refrigerator have inbuilt it's called Stabilizer free optimisation.

 ✔️   its have honey comb lock in TECHNOLOGY. Unique advanced moisture slider that helps keep optimum moisture in your vegetables and keeps them fresh for a longer period of time.

 ✔️  This one have quick chill zone & bigger vesitablle rack.


 ❌  No fee frost cooling system.

 ❌  No inverter compressor.

 8:- Haier 170 L 3-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator.

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Model no:- ( HRD-1703SR-R/HRD-1703SR-E )

About it:- 

One of the Diamond edge freezing technology ensures firm ice formation and better refrigeration efficiency. The heavy duty compressors make sure you never purchase a separate stabilizer for a single penny. It ranges from volts 135-290. Now give the compressor a 5-year warranty.


1:- This is one of the direct cool ,single door refrigerator.
2:- it's got 3 star Energy ratings.
3:- it have 170 liter of Capacity.
4:- it takes 230 volts.


 ✔️ It's delivered smart and eficient.

 ✔️ It's have stablizer free operation, that means .The heavy duty compressors make sure you never purchase a separate stabilizer for a single penny. It ranges from volts 135-290.

 ✔️ it's got DEF technology, it's ensure Diamond edge freezing technology ensures firm ice formation and better refrigeration efficiency.

 ✔️ The Refrigerator have the lather coated cabinet.

 ✔️ It have anti fungal gasket. It prevents the entry and growth of bacteria inside of the refrigerator.


 ❌  It's suitable for small family.

 ❌  It's have no Auto defrost.

 9:- Godrej 311 L 3star free Frost double door refrigerator.

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Model no:- ( RT EON 311)

About it 😉:-

Godrej RT EON 311 is an innovative double door refrigerator with great features. The Double Door refrigerator has a top freezer and an easy-to-use bar handle. The refrigerator has a capacity of 311 liters allowing you to easily store all your food, vegetables and so on. It has an integrated stabilizer that protects it from fluctuations in voltage.


1:- it's a free Frost & double door refrigerator.
2:- it's got auto defrost technology that stops ice build up.
3:- it have 311 liter of freezer Capacity.
4:- it run @300 watt.


✔️  This refrigerator offering you Patented Cool Shower Technology. Toughened glass shelves with built air vents. Placed directly above the food, these vents ensure superior cooling.

✔️  This one have Stay cool technology. It helps for -Cooling retention up to 10 hours despite power cuts. ZOP Technology: Special protection against rust by zinc oxide. Low Start Voltage: Stabilizer Free operation between 140-260 V. Anti-B Technology: silver ions in the air duct and anti-microbial resistance in the gasket keep the germ free and fresh from food.

✔️  It have Intelligent Efficiency. The Smart automatic defrosting that accounts for last defrosting time, last defrost duration, ambient temperature, door openings, frost accumulation in previous defrosting, etc.

✔️. Also this refrigerator have "Intelligent Mode". It will be helpful for Provides superior preservation by cooling the refrigerator 2 degrees before defrosting, thereby minimizing any potential thermal shock to foods during defrosting.

✔️  This refrigerator have, Bright Led light inside, larger Trey's for bottels store.


❌. There are no battery included in this one.

❌. Some cases it's issue of door lock.

 10:- LG 437 L 4 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator 

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Model no:- ( GL-T437FBLN )

About it:-

Experience cooling like never before with the double door frost free refrigerator LG GL-T432FBLN 437L that comes with door cooling plus linear cooling, dual refrigerator, 4-star auto smart connection, linear inverter compressor and much more.


1:- it a free Frost, double door refrigerator.
2:- This one have linear cooling system.
3:- 4 star energy rating.
4:-  Auto smart connect to inverter.
5:- its have inverter linear compressor.
6:- Door cooling plus technology.


✔️ This Refrigerator have a amazing Linear cooling Technology, thats work for keep your food fresh up to 14 days.

✔️ This one reduce internal temperature fluctuations, the LG Inverter Linear Compressor provides more precise temperature control. It also helps to save ** energy by 51%, reduces noise by 25% *** and comes with a 20-year lifespan.

✔️ This refrigerator have Door cooling system. That helps to provide air flow to the front of the freezer that keeps cooling on door erea.

✔️ The Refrigerator have Double Fridge System. That helps to convert freezer to fridge.that increase your storage capacity of your refrigerator in one touch.

 ✔️ This refrigerator have one of the most advanced feature in it, that called SMART THINQ Technology. It helps to control the freezer anywhere by your smartphone.

✔️ Refrigerator have auto connect Technology. That helps to connect refrigerator to your home inverter during power cuts.

✔️ This one have bigger bottels rack, and fresh and cool zone.


❌  There have no battery included.

Top 10 Best Refrigerator in India 2019 -  *Buying Guide*

My dear buyer I will help you to get the best budget refrigerator for your accurate price.
So let's know more about the best Refrigerators.

Types of Refrigerators:-

There are three types of refrigerator are available in market. There are :-

1- Single Door refrigerator.

This types refrigerators are very lowest price, it have few features including in it, like these are direct cooling, capacity are 150-250 litters ,suitable for small family.

2- Double Door refrigerators.

In present days Among the people these fridges are very popular. These are available in capacities exceeding 240 liters and can meet different requirements. They consume more electricity, of course, than the single-door models. However, the level of efficiency is higher. These fridges have so many feature in it. It also called the Frost free Refrigerators.

3- Multi Door refrigerators.

These types refrigerators have huge amounts of money for buy. Its have so many features in it .These are double door refrigerator variant where more than two separate compartments are available. Usually they take care of the higher capabilities. Compared to normal double door refrigerators, they consume more power but are clearly more useful. These are suitable for larger family.

Defrosting Types of Refrigerators.

There are 2 types of Defrosting system are available in market those are given below:-

1- Direct cooling system.

Through a natural convection process, direct cool refrigerators produce chill. Usually all direct cool refrigerators need to be periodically defrosted. Direct cool fridges come with the option of a single door only. The direct cool refrigerator requires less electricity and is therefore less expensive to run. If budget is a constraint or you need smaller capacities, you can go to Direct Cool.

2- Free Frost cooling system.

The defrost cycle works in periodic intervals in this type and removes the frost. Nearly all modern refrigerators come with free frost function nowdays. They use electrical fans to circulate cool air in the refrigerator evenly. They consume more power than refrigerators directly cool. Usually, freezing refrigerators have a longer life. This is so costly.

Energy Usage of Refrigerators:-

Before you buy an Electronics you must have some questions about the usage of electricity. So let's discuss about it.

1- The BEE star rating system.

B.E.E means;- Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The efficiency of all refrigerators are based on the electricity consumption. In the rating case the 5 star rating is most efficient.
So you need to buy 5 star rating refrigerator for saving more energy.

2- Inverter Compressor system.

This  system is most popular in today market. The inverter technology enables the compressor to work at different speeds consistently and deliver the required output depending on the cooling load.

This system works on the simple principle of compressor unit power optimization. The compressor alternates at regular intervals between the on and off position in the normal refrigerator. This can consume more electricity because the compressor operates at a single speed. In stable of electricity it save 40% of Energy.

Top 10 Best refrigerator in India ( may ) 2019

3- Overload Power Cut system.

This system is the more helpful system for us. Because Today there is a new technology available that allows the refrigerators even during power cuts to keep the contents cool and fresh. These refrigerators can keep the freshness during a power cut for a period of 2 to 7 hours. The price is, of course, on the higher side.

Final word

At the last stage I would like to be says that.
I hope I cleared your confusion about refrigerator. 

I will able to give you all the new refrigerator are most popular in 2019.

If you're interested in these products so plz click on the buy now options and go to the Amazon and buy it.


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