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Adsterra Review 2020: Detailed Review and comparison.

Adsterra Review
Adsterra Review 2020

Adsterra Review 2020: Adsterra is one of the most Easiest earning ads network for both advertisers and publishers. It was founded in 2013 but in 2019 it's got too much popularity for earlier Adsterra approval.

Adsterra is the best AdSense alternative ads network. If you're a beginner, if you want to earn some money by placing ads on your site then Adsterra is the better options for you. Then You can go for Adsterra Sign up or Adsterra login.

If you are want to quickly earn money by placing ads of Adsterra,  You landed in the right place.

    Adsterra Review.

    Adsterra was founded in 2013 but it was a most trusted ads network, it gives facility for both publishers and advertisers.

     As you can know that the biggest profitable ads network was Google AdSense, but it's so difficult to get AdSense approval, It takes so many times. So that you can't earn money so you need a better AdSense alternatives.

    Now don't worry in this Review you will get the best AdSense alternatives. That was Adsterra and I will give details explanation about all features of Adsterra.

    Adsterra Review 2020.

    1. Adsterra Publisher and Advertisers

    Adsterra was offering both publisher and advertiser option for better user profits. If you want to promote your site, products, the channel you can go for Advertisers(Advertise) option.

    Adsterra Review
    Adsterra Review 2019

    If you want to earn money by placing ads on your website, blog you can go for Publishers(Monetize) Option.

      2. Adsterra Ads formats.

    Adsterra offering various types of ads formats like:-

    • Adsterra Display Banner ads.

    Adsterra provides 3 types of desktop banner ads like:-

    1- Rectangle.
    Adsterra Review
    Adsterra Review 2019

    2- Leader Board

    3- Skyscraper

    :- (These Banner ads of Adsterra are fixed banner ads, These are not responsive banner ads like Google AdSense.)

    • Adsterra Pre-roll Video ads.

    :- ( The Pre-roll video ads are short video ad shown before the content that the user intends to watch in a video player. It takes Normally, after 10 seconds the user is enabled to skip an ad to proceed to the video.)

    • Adsterra Interstitials ads.

    :- ( This types of ads are Taking a full-screen Interstitials can be displayed both horizontally or vertically and exclude “banner-blindness” it has some sizes:-
    768×1024, 1024×768.)

    • Adsterra Direct links ads.

    :- ( You don't need to create banners or other promo materials. There is a link which is placed on any placement of your website: banners, texts, videos. Direct links are one of the best options to earn money from Adsterra)

    • Adsterra Pop-under ads.

    :- (Pop-under ads work great, it's profitable but it some case it irritated to users.)

    • Adsterra push notifications.

    :- ( push notification — is a clickable message that is sent to the desktop or mobile devices of users, subscribed to browser push notifications. These are a really awesome idea to earning more money.)

    Adsterra banner sizes : 160*600, 300*250, 728*90, 468*60, 800*440, 320*50. If you don't see a size you need, you may request it from your Personal Manager.

      3. Adsterra Rates.

    As you can know that Adsterra is a trusted ads network so it will offer good CPM, CPC rates.
    Adsterra Mainly provides 3 types of rates like:-

    • CPM 
    • CPC
    • CPA

    CPM: They offer fixed, impression-based pricing for advertising agencies and ad networks.

    CPA, CPL: You can start lead or sale based campaigns.

    CPO: A perfect conversion tracking model for eCommerce businesses.

    PPI: You can use this model to pay per install of your products such as apps, software, add-ons etc.

    Adsterra CPM rates will provide when you got a successful approval.

    Adsterra CPC rates will provide you when you got a successful account.

    Adsterra CPA rates will provide you when you got a fully approved account.

    Adsterra Banners are CPM/CPC/CPA/CPL/CPI.

    Adsterra Popunders are CPM/CPA/CPL/CPI/PPI.

    Note:- (all rates are changing every minute.)

     4. Adsterra Payments.

    Adsterra payout on Net15 basis. It means that you will get your payments on every 15 of the month.

    Adsterra provides various types of payment options for both advertisers and publishers these are given below 👇

    • PayPal.

    (Adsterra does not charge any fees to use PayPal, however, PayPal itself may charge 3-5%  of the transaction amount.)

    • Bitcoin.

    (Adsterra will apply a 0.1% commission for Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin rates are very unstable and are constantly changing.)

    • Bank transfers.

    (Adsterra will charge $50 for USD bank transfers and $0 for EUR bank transfers. You will be required to provide valid documentation in English.)

    • Payoneer.

    (Adsterra does not charge any fees to use Payoneer, but Payoneer May take some charges)

    • Paxum.

    (Adsterra charges a fixed fee of $1 for every transaction.)

    • Web money.

    (Adsterra charges 0.8% of payout sum (maximum of $50)

    • Epayments.

    (Adsterra does not charge any fees for money transfers. Epayments does not charge any fees for money load. Unfortunately, epayments does not accept users from some countries (India, Pakistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Nigeria, Vietnam, Myanmar). You can ask epayments support if your country is on the blacklist.)

    Adsterra Minimum payouts for PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments is $100.

    Minimum payout for wire transfer is $1000.

    Adsterra Wire transfers are usually arriving within 3-4 business days.

    Adsterra Payment dates are 1-2 and 16-17 of each month. If these dates fall on weekends or holidays the payments will be processed on nearest business day.

    Find out the date when you reached $100. If it is in period 1-15 then you will be paid on 1st or 2nd of next month, if it is in period from 16th till the end of month then you will be paid on 16th or 17th of next month.

      5. Adsterra costumers support.

    Adsterra offers customer support through email and Skype. Their site also has an extensive resource and FAQ section where you can find quickly find answers and solutions. 24 hours of costumers support available.

    Adsterra Address:-Kilcora Corporation L.P. (#SL22071)
    44 Main Street, Douglas, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML11 0QW.
    Phone:+65 6831 5293
    Skype: pub.adsterra
    ICQ: 680685721

    Email for Advertisers:-

    Email for Publishers:-

    General Inquiries:-

    After you successfully signup  your account on Adsterra, you will go in the support section. You will contact with costumers representative.

      6. Adsterra signup.

    If you are a beginner, you have a big question in mind that is how to sign up for Adsterra?
    Sign up for Adsterra is a very easy process. The signup process was given below 👇

    Step 1:- Search on Google "Adsterra.Com".

    Step 2:- Go to the MONETIZE option.

    Step 3:- Now you get a form.

    Step 4:- fill-up the form with your original details.

    Step 5:- Now you get a Confirmation Email on your  Email box.

    Step 6:- click on the link to confirm.

    Watch the following video to sign up better.

      7. Adsterra Login.

    After you sign up for Adsterra after some day or time you need to login Adsterra. I will help you how to login to Adsterra. Plz follow the below steps:-

    Step 1:-  Search on Google "Adsterra.Com"

    Step 2:- Go to Sign in option.

    Step 3:- Now you will lunch in a login page.

    Step 4:- Fill your user name in the login area.

    Step 5:- Fill your password in the password area.

    Step 6:- Then click on Sign-in.

    Now you will be successful login in your account.

    Watch the following video to sign-in better.

       8. Adsterra Approval.

    In the case of Adsterra Approval, you get big good news. That is Adsterra Accept Domains.

    After you signed up successfully, you have the biggest question in your mind that is :-

    How to get Adsterra Approval? 

    Approval of Adsterra is an easy and fast process. It's not like Google Adsense that takes too much time to approve the account. In Adsterra you simply follow the easiest steps to get Adsterra approved quickly.

    Step 1:- Sign up your account successfully.

    Step 2:- Go-to add Site option.

    Step 3:- Add your website's URL without https.   

    Step 4:- Then click on the Add site button.

    Step 5:-Now you have to select all the ads formats.

    Step 6:- No wait for 12 hours your account is activated/approved successfully.

       9. Adsterra Code.

    After getting your Adsterra Approval, You another question that is:-

     How to get Adsterra ads Code?

    In this case, I will help you better.
    Did you know to get the ad codes of Adsterra is a very easy process too. You simply follow the steps:-

    Step 1:-  go to the ad code option,

    Step 2:- You will land on the ad codes page,

    Step 3:- Select/ choose the proper ad.

    Step 4:- Click on get the code option.

    Step 5:- Now you will get a code.

    Step 6:- Completely Copy the code.

    Step 7:- Go to your site.

    Step 8:- Paste the code into your website.

      10. Adsterra Referral.

    Do you know? Adsterra was offering The Affiliate/Referral program to increase the profits of Adsterra Users. By this program of Adsterra Users Take a huge advantage to get the lifetime commission and add 5% to your current earnings by joining Adsterra Referral/Affiliate Program.

    This is another very profitable offer of Adsterra. How much money you can earn, it totally depends on your invited people.  The more people you refer, the more income you will get from the Adsterra.

    To achieve success in the Referral program,
    Adsterra provided to his Publishers with a unique “invite” URL and real-time statistics to track their earnings. Become Adsterra Publisher!

    Adsterra Publisher advantages:

    - it's No minimum traffic requirements.

    - the program has 190+ countries covered.

    - Adsterra gives 80% rev-share.

    - They Also  100% fill-rate and 100% counting.

    -  They have wide range of ad formats like -banners, popunders, pushups, interstitial, etc.

    - Up to $5 CPM for popunders and up to $1.5 CPM for banners.

    - Adsterra API for statics.

    - 5% Referral Program.

    - Payouts net15 – always on time.

    - They give  Payments to Paypal, Epayments, Webmoney, Wire, Paxum, Payza, BITCOIN
    - 24/7 support.

    Note:- (If your account is active and payable, you may access the Referral Program page in your Adsterra Account where you will find your unique invite link and Adsterra Referral creatives then You will access Referral program.)

      11. How to Earn money From Adsterra Referral Program?  

    If you have activated Adsterra account, If you already signed up for the Adsterra Referral Program, Then you have one biggest question in your mind That was:-

    How can I Earn Money From Adsterra Referral Program?

    There are various types of options are available to Earn money From Adsterra Referral Program. You have to Promote your Affiliate link. The promote factors are given below 👇

    1. Text links – best for blogs and personal websites that have content related to digital marketing: posts or articles about affiliate marketing, ad networks, monetization, etc.

    2. Blogs – Write a positive review about Adsterra Network or a post with website monetization tips and add your invite link within the article.

    3. Share With friends – share the word about Adsterra Network among your friends and colleagues and help them monetize their traffic with Adsterra Network.

    4. Social Networks/Media Sharing – for social network junkies. Write a post, status, or a tweet about your experience with Adsterra Network, include a referral link, and engage your followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

    5. Feedback & Comments – best for those who like to be engaged in online communities, like forums, groups, or article discussions. Share your referral link with publishers who are looking for more monetization ways or simply add it to your profile signature.

    6. Contextual Ads – for publishers who like to use AdWords or similar tools. Create a contextual ad that best describes Adsterra Network and adds your invite link.

    These 6 promoting Methods are really awesome and most effective. That gives you Amazing Results. Keep helps you to make more money from Adsterra.

    I personally using/recommending these Methods to use.

       12. AdSense vs Adsterra.

    Many users have the biggest question is Adsterra vs AdSense. It's also a very confusing stage to choose what and which network is giving much more profits.

    Now I will help you to choose the best ads network and try to clear the confusion with the ads networks.

    When you come to advertising for publishers when we compare Adsterra vs AdSense, there is clearly a huge difference between Adsterra and AdSense.

    The main question is that Can you use Adsterra Ads and Google AdSense Ads together? The answer is yes. In this segment You can show both Adsterra and AdSense ads on the same page of your blog/website. As AdSense states, if you choose to do so, then you should ensure that the two Ads are clearly distinct. How you do it totally depends on your ingenuity.

    According to the terms of earnings and revenue share, there is no doubt that AdSense is far much superior to Adsterra. The Adsterra CPM rates,... are lower than the AdSense rates.

    The main factor is CPC and CPM of Google Adsense are really higher than Adsterra. So that Google Adsense is beat Adsterra in these cases. But your mind that AdSense approval is not easy.

    If you are want to quickly earn money from your blog Or website, Adsterra is better options for you.

       13. Adsterra vs Propellerads.

    This is another a biggest confusing question, That was:-  Adsterra vs Propellerads, Both are newly engaged in advertising network competition.

    Propellerads was another best Adsense Alternative. That pays and CPM rates are really amazing.

    You need to Know that Propellerads is best CPM, CPC ad network which is legit and paying in time to their publishers and serving quality ads to your web visitors.
    Propellerads have decent CPM rates they are paying 0.10-2.30$ CPM for banner ads.0.70-8$ for popunder ads and 1-4$ for push ads for mobile advertising which are very high rates that let you make decent money.

    The Propellerads paying to his users by via PayPal,Payoneer and, wire transfer. Paypal payments are late so use wire preferably for fast payments. User can get the min payout limit of propeller ads is 50$ for PayPal, 100$ for Payoneer and 500$ for wire transfer.

    For maintaining a good relation between publisher and advertiser they not accepting fake traffic. If your website has fake traffic then they will ban you.(propellers CPM ad network, best CPM ad network, best popunder ad network).

    When you come to advertising for publishers when we compare Adsterra vs Propellerads, there is clearly a huge difference between Adsterra and Propellerads.

    The main question is that Can you use Adsterra Ads and Propellerads Ads together? The answer is yes. In this segment You can show both Adsterra and Propellerads ads on the same page of your blog/website. If you choose to do so, then you should ensure that the two Ads are clearly distinct. How you do it totally depends on your efforts.

       14. Adsterra Pros and Cons.

    You absolutely know that everything has some bads and goods. Time to know the bads and goods of Adsterra.


    ✔️it's Easy to Use: Adsterra was created with the beginner in mind. The entire service, from start to finish, is intuitive.

    ✔️It have is no learning curve. You’ll make the most of the service the first time you use

    ✔️it have Intuitive Interface: The entire design of Adsterra is pleasing. It’s easy to navigate and find the tools/information you’re looking for.

    ✔️Control panel is especially intuitive, allowing you to create great ads in no time at all.

    ✔️it have Customized Color Scheme and Ad Placement: Most displaying advertising networks don’t give many options when it comes to placing ads. Not so with Adsterra.

    ✔️ Adsterra service allows you to customize each ads color scheme as well as its placement on your website.

    ✔️Excellent Customer Support: Our favorite aspect of Adsterra is their excellent customer support. We really can’t understand why more companies don’t follow suit. Have a question? It’s easy to contact a live representative by email or phone. And when you do reach them, they actually know what they’re talking about.

    ✔️ Adsterra is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives.

    ✔️ Adsterra offers both desktop and mobile ads (so you can increase your chance of earning more money from your website’s traffic).

    ✔️ Adsterra also provides a wide rage of ad display options: display banners, pop under ads, interstitials, text ads, slider ads etc.

    ✔️ In this network You can also monetize your popular Facebook pages (with high traffic) unlike AdSense.

    ✔️Adsterra offers a wide range of payment options: Bitcoin, Paypal, Payza, Wire transfer, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill and ePayments.


    ❌Adsterra is not suitable for sites with a limited amount of traffic.

    ❌Their minimum payment amount is $100. That means, only after earning $100 from clicks, you’ll get the money to your account.

    ❌Adsterra is not ideal for low volume publishers.

    ❌Traffic restrictions make it difficult for people with small sites to join.

    ❌The rates in other countries may be lower.

    ❌They have a very high minimum payout level.

    ❌They are a fairly new company that is still working on establishing themselves.

        15. Final Word

    Adsterra was Launched/Founded in 2013, This is one of the fastest-growing CPM advertising networks in the world. It's Not only offers a wide range of ad formats but it also gives you the highest CPM rates to help you earn more money from your Blog Or websites.

     Adsterra can be very effective when used by the right person on the right website. Yet don’t expect it to be your savior if you were booted off of AdSense.

    Adsterra is a smart ad network to use to complement other ad networks or to use while waiting to get approved by them. It’s quick and easy to set up so you don’t have to invest a lot of time upfront.

     Adsterra is worth checking out. It’s one of the better alternatives to Google AdSense, although it still has a long way to go to catch up. It will be interesting to see how this particular ad network evolves in the future as its popularity increases the revenue.

    If you are looking for the easiest and effective publishing platform to show ads on your website, blog or Facebook pages, Adsterra is the right choice for you.


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