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Adxfly Review 2020: Earn up to 100$ per Day.

Adxfly Review: Today i have another best-earning website for you. I'm going to talk about URL shortener websites. You can earn a huge amount of money from URL Shortener Sites.

 Once you join any URL shortening network, you have to short any URL in the URL shortener site and promote it. When someone clicks in your shorted link and views an ad, you will get paid. Is it interesting?

I'm going to talk in this article about the AdxFly. it's Clicksfly's secondary site. In this article I'm going to give all details of AdxFly.

 AdxFly is primarily used to shorten the connections between adults. However, you can shrink other links as well let's start the Adxfly.Com Review.

    Adxfly Review.

    1:- what is AdxFly🤔?

    AdxFly is a brand new URL shortener network specializing in 18+ ads. This seeks to monetize only 18+ content ties and provide better rates to publishers. If you are trying to monetize your not-18+ content connections then this network is not a choice for you. Nevertheless, you can try some other same URL shorteners websites.

    AdxFly is another network from the owner of ClicksFLy. At the moment both networks are performing well and paying its publishers on time. Also, both networks have specialization in different fields. ClicksFly is a non-adult content URL Shortener network whereas TokenFly is a specialized Crypto advertising network. So, overall this network is backed up by well-performing URL shorteners.

    AdxFly offers high payout rates for publishers as a specialized of 18+ URL shortener. The highest rate was $6.60 and the lowest was 0.50 for worldwide traffic.

    2:- How to earn money from AdxFly?

    This is a multi earn website. This website offers 2 types of earning options. Like:- Placing ads on your website and Share the shorted Url on social media. As you can know that AdxFly was a URL shortener website. On this website You can earn money by Shorting URL.


    If you have a long Link/URL that was so ugly. If you want to short the link/URL, You have to go to AdxFly. On this website, you have to short the link. If you want to earn money from This website, you have to share the shorted on social media. If someone clicks and opens you URL then You will get paid for that.

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    3:- AdxFly ads Formats.

    As you know, AdxFly also provided the ads for monetizing your websites as an ads network. You can also earn a huge amount of money by placing ads on your website.

    Like a URL shortener, AdxFly just provides interstitial ads based on banners. At the time of testing their ads, there were no annoying ads. There were only adult banners and a tab-up ad that I think your valuable content should bear for visitors to reach.

    4:- AdxFly Signup and login

    As you can know that when we want to access a program/service we mostly need to sign up. This process is difficult 😥 in some cases. So don't worried 😉 about this I will help you to a successful Signup on . The signup process are given below 👇

    1. Open Google. Or Click on below Link.
    2. Search for oR click here.
    3. click on the 1st link.
    4.  now You will land on the official site of
    5. Then click on the SignUp symbol.
      Adxfly Reveiw
    6. Now you will get the sign up the form.
      Adxfly Signup
    7. Fill up the form click on signup Now.
    8. You will get an activation mail on your Gmail address.
    9.  You have to click on the activate my account.
    10. Now you can get access to the

    5:- AdxFly Referral Program.

    Nowadays every app and website try to promote the site/app. So they use the Referral Program.
    This program was very useful to both user and creator.

    AdxFly also gives publishers a favorable 20 percent referral fee plan, like most other URL shorteners. And, if you have friends from the company, you can refer them to their network to earn some extra money from it.

    6:- AdxFly Payments. is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home.  AdxFly's team has set a very low minimum payout cap for publishers that's just $1. They set different minimum payout caps for various payment options.

    AdxFly offers four different payment options that allow publishers to withdraw their earnings. AdxFly gives payment through, PayPal, UPI ,Paytm and Bitcoin payment options. UPI payment option is only available to Indians and Bitcoin has a withdrawal fee of 6 percent.

    Final Word

    As you can know AdxFly was one of the best Url Shorteners website. This website was a trusted url Shortener website. Bkz I have personally try this website.

    The AdxFly is perfect for owners of 18+ sites. So far, I haven't used that network. So, telling of their success is early. If you've been dealing with this network shortening, please share your experiences. Hope this review will help people get started.

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