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Dreamhost Review 2020 (June): Get all details.

Dreamhost review

Dreamhost Review 2020: frndz well come back to my world of review. Today I'm going to share another hosting website review, that name was the Dreamhost Hosting Review.

Dreamhost was one of most popular and trusted web hosting  brand. So now we going to know all features and specifications of the Dreamhost.

In this article i will going to cover the all Dreamhost vps review. After you censiorly read the article. You got the best knowledge about Dreampress Review.

This article also helped you to know about Dreamhost Plans and Dreamhost pricing and also it will help you to choose the perfect plan for your needs.

Dreamhost Review 2020.

Please read the review carefully for get the best results. So let's start

    1:- What is Dreamhost🤔?

    DreamHost is a most trusted web hosting company since 23 years. It was a home of more than 1.5 million domains during 23 years.

     DreamHost is an independent web hosting company. it was founded in 1997. Dreamhost offices in Los Angeles and Brea in California, and Portland, Oregon.

     During that time, their performance has not slipped, maintaining excessive uptime (99.96 %) and page speeds (719 ms).

      The main shared hosting plan for DreamHost comes with popular apps such as WordPress, website building options including their own and others such as Wix or Weebly.

     There is free bandwidth and storage space in these packages. And to check the service out, you get a full 97-day money-back guarantee.

     Their customer support is somewhat minimal. Migration is also a pain that will not allow imports from other cPanel sites and will charge you $99/each.

    You'd expect DreamHost to know what it's doing for 23 years in the business, and the website's first impressions aren't disappointing.

     The company provides hosting of free, WordPress, cloud, VPS and dedicated website features stacks and fascinating options with Dreamhost remixer Review

    For more information please watch this video below 👇 

    2:- Features of Dreamhost😎.

    Dreamhost features

    Everything in this world have some unique features. This website have some unique features. These features are given below.

    Now DreamHost  providing variety services to host your website, like

    • Web Hostings.
    • Dreamhost WordPress Review.
    • Dreamhost Emails.
    • Domains.
    • Privacy protection.
    • Clouds.
    • Cpanel.
    • Affiliates.

    • Web hostings

    DreamHost providing 4 types of web servers which you can use to host your website those are given below 👇

    Shared servers (Shared hosting), Private servers ( VPS ), Dedicated servers (Dedicated), DreamPress (Dedicated WordPress hosting)

    • Dreamhost WordPress Review.

    DreamHost also provides updated and operated WordPress website hosting packages called DreamPress. This premium WordPress kit includes the following features: Every instance of DreamPress is set up on, DreamHost's cloud computing service called DreamCompute, Memory is automatically scaled.

    • Dreamhost Email review.

    Email hosting is included with most hosting plans free of charge, and even available as an add-on for low email-only, domain-only, and Starter Shared plans at low cost. This also includes free Webmail.

    • Domains.

    DreamHost offers the ability to buy from within the panel a domain registration. You don't need to have a hosting plan with DreamHost when you buy a domain registration– once the domain is registered, you can host it anywhere you like. It's easier to keep it all in the same place, though.  Additionally, you get a free registration for the first year of hosting if you buy a shared hosting plan.

    • Privacy protection

    DreamHost also offers a free WHOIS privacy system: WHOIS privacy Some registrars require you to pay an additional fee to keep your personal data secret, but with your domain registration, DreamHost includes this feature free of charge.

    • Clouds

    There are currently two cloud services offered by DreamHost: DreamObjects DreamObjects is a cloud storage system that you can use to back up any information you need.  DreamCompute DreamCompute allows you to use scalable infrastructure to manage your own personal cloud server, which is particularly useful for developers and startups.

    • Cpanel

    DreamHost has always ignored control panels from third parties such as cPanel and Plesk. Rather, it has a proprietary panel of its own. This panel allows you to control most of the same technical aspects of a hosting account, and every hosting package is provided free of charge. This consistency means that the custom panel has grown in love with many users.

    • Affiliates

    Dreamhost also offered affiliate program for earn money with dreamhost. You have to join first join on the Program by Signup. Then you get an affiliate link. You have to spear the link. When someone buy something from dreamhost through your link. Then you get paid.

    3:- Dreamhost Plans and Pricing.

    Dreamhost Plans and Pricing

    Dreamhost providing amazing hostings plans with affordable price. You got best service from dreamhost at lowest price. Dreamhost Plans and price list are given below 👇

    • Shared hostings Plans of Dreamhost.

    Shared Hosting Plans

    For most small businesses that do not receive high traffic levels, shared hosting is the most affordable hosting choice. Shared hosting means that your website and other websites are stored on a server.

     Dreamhost providing 2 types of shared hostings Plans like:-

    • Shared Starter.

    Dreamhost plans and Pricing

    This plan starts with the Starter plan that gives you 50 GB of storage, you can host 1 website, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, a free domain (with free privacy) and automatic WordPress installation @ 2.59$/m.

    • Shared Unlimited.

    Dreamhost plans and Pricing

    In this plan you can host Unlimited websites, Free Domain included , WordPress Pre-Installed , New WP Website Builder , Fast SSD Storage,
    Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Email @ 5.95$/m.

    • Managed WordPress Hosting Plans (Dream Press).

    Managed WordPress Hosting Plans of Dreamhost

    For lots of traffic or manage multiple sites? Managed WordPress (Dreampress) design the perfect Managed WordPress solution is perfect for your goals and budget.

    Dreamhost providing 3 types of Managed WP hostings Plans like:-

    • DreamPress Basic.


    In this hosting section you will get 30GB SSD Storage, you can handle 100k Monthly Visitors, Unmetered Bandwidth , NEW  1-Click Staging , Pre-Installed Free SSL Certificate, Daily Backups & 1-Click Restore
    Free Pre-Installed Jetpack & NEW WP Website Builder @ 16.95$/m.

    • DreamPress Plus

    Dreampress plus

    In this plan you will get 60 GB of storage,
    Unmetered Bandwidth,  1 touch Staging , free SSL Certificate , Daily Backups & Restore, Professional jetpack, Unlimited CDN, you can easily handle 300k Monthly Visitors. You got @ 24.95$/m.

    • DreamPress Pro.

    Dreampress pro

    Dreampress pro plan gives you 120 GB of storage, Unmetered Bandwidth,  1 touch Staging , free SSL Certificate , Daily Backups & Restore, Professional jetpack, Unlimited CDN, you can easily handle 1M+ Monthly Visitors. You got the plan @ 71.95$/m.

    • dreamhost vps review.

    Dreamhost VPS hostings Plans

    If you're a bigger business man, using e-commerce, being a designer or a developer, then a VPS plan might be perfect for your needs.

    Dreamhost providing 4 types of VPS hostings Plans like:-

    • VPS Basic plan

    Dreamhost VPS hostings Plans

    In this VPS basic plan you will get 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD Storage, host Unlimited Websites, handle Unlimited Traffic , Pre-Installed Free SSL Certificate & get Unlimited Email @ price of 10$/mo.

    • VPS Business plan.

    Dreamhost VPS hostings Plans

    In VPS Business plan you will get 2 GB of RAM, 60 GB of SSD Storage, host Unlimited Websites, handle Unlimited Traffic easily, Unlimited Email, Free SSL Certificate
    @ the price of  20$/mo.

    • VPS Professional plan.

    Dreamhost VPS hostings Plans

    In VPS professional plan you will get 4 GB of RAM, 120 GB of SSD Storage, you can host Unlimited Websites also handle Unlimited Traffic, Free SSL Certificate(s)
    Unlimited Email A/c @ the price of 20$/mo.

    • VPS Enterprise plan.

    Dreamhost VPS hostings Plans

    In the plan of VPS Enterprise plan you will get 8 GB of Ram, 240 GB of SSD Storage, yu can host Unlimited Websites also you can handle Unlimited Traffic, Free SSL Certificate & Unlimited Email @ Your Domain. Got the plan @ 80.00$/mo.

    • Dedicated Servers hosting Plans of Dreamhost.

    Dreamhost dedicated server plans

    This hosting was suitable for big business websites or have heavy traffic websites. You may need this server that is dedicated. 

     It can be managed fully for you and is ideal for a lot of traffic apps and sites as well as resellers and agencies. This is the hosting type that is awesome.

    Dreamhost providing 2 types of Dedicated Servers hostings Plans like:-

    • Standard plan.

    Dreamhost dedicated server plans

    In the section of standard plan Dreamhost providing 3 types standard plans. 

    In the start of standard plan you will get Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread processor, 4 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD, 1 raid of Storage, you get Root Access, Best Local MySQL Database Server, Ubuntu, Uptime Guarantee, Server Monitoring & DDoS Protection. @ 149$/mo.

    • Enhanced Plan.

    Dreamhost dedicated server plans

    In the section of Enhanced plan Dreamhost providing 6 types Enhanced plans. 

    In the start of Enhanced plan you will get Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread processor, 16 GB of  RAM, 2 TB HDD of RAID 1 Storage, you can Root Access, get your Local MySQL Database Server, Ubuntu, Uptime Guarantee, Server Monitoring & DDoS Protection. @ 279$/mo.

    • Cloud Hosting Plans of Dreamhost.

    Dreamhost cloud Hosting

    The Cloud hosting part of Dreamhost is also called as DreamCloud. DreamCloud is made up/combination of DreamCompute and DreamObjects (scalable storage solution).

      As you can deploy and configure your cloud servers, DreamCompute is much better than VPS. You will have a completely scalable storage service for all your data with DreamObjects and you can access it whenever you want.

    Dreamhost providing 2 types of Cloud hostings Plans like:-

    • Dream Compute.

    Dreamhost cloud Hosting

    In the DreamCompute section you will get SSD disks, accelerated networks, and next-gen processors, & Fastest SSH server.

    • Dream Objects

    Dreamhost cloud Hosting

    Enjoy virtually unlimited, seamless object access and protect DreamObjects WordPress backups.  Ideal for devices needing object storage to increase or replace existing S3 functionality via API.  You can also Use QNAP, nextCloud / OwnCloud, CloudBerry, DropShare with cloud backups.

    4:- Performance and Speed of Dreamhost.

    Performance and Speed of Dreamhost

    Whenever you go to buy something. You 1stly want to know the performance of the thing. Same happened in Buying a hosting.

     Speed and Performance is plays an important and vital Role in web hosting. If your hosting was slow then your website was also Running late. So let's know better about Dreamhost Speed and Performance.

    Several hosting services are experiencing constant interruptions and suffering from their availability (uptime). 

    As you can imagine, for hosting-dependent ventures such as online stores or digital marketing companies, this can be a big issue.

     Google and other search engines are not going to treat you very well on top of that.  In view of this, I track the uptime of hosting providers on an ongoing basis. Let me share with you DreamHost's.

    Generally, shared hostings are does not offer high speeds, particularly at the market's budget end. 

    Nevertheless, several providers could annoy you, and we looked forward to seeing what DreamHost could do.

      I have personally signing up for the most basic shared hosting package from DreamHost, then uploading a very simple static website.then I had to monitoring from multiple locations around the globe the reliability and response times of my project.

     Over a seven-day period, my page has hit 100% uptime, no panning at all. I like to see that in a short test, but it's still good news for me.

    The site's material can affect the loading time of your site. For example, it will take more time to load if your page contains too many photos. 

    In reality, photos account for most of a typical site's downloadable bytes.  In order to obtain a more accurate result for our experiment, instead of evaluating page load time alone, the your page content and tracks page load time from eight international locations: New York, LA, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

    The performance of the DreamHost uptime are fantastic, they've had 100 percent uptime for the last 4 months. At this stage, virtually no other provider can produce such results.

    5:- Costumers support of Dreamhost👩‍⚖️


    No I'm going to share the Technical support, Costumer care of Dreamhost.

    Now days communication plays an important and vital role in Business. Without communication we are nothing.

     When we buy something if we have no idea or if we face some issue from the product, we immidately contact to the Costumers Service center of that product.

    In the case of Buying a Hosting, we have to care about the Costumers Service of the Hosting provider. If we face some trouble and issue on hostings we need to contact to our costumers service center. 

    We need to judge a Hosting provider by his Costumer service. Now let's know better about the Dreamhost Costumers Service.

     DreamHost provides free live chat and ticket-based support. You can contact the Costumers Service representative between 5 am– 10 pm PST live chat is available, 7 days a week. 

     The support team of DreamHost is working to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Given the availability of call back requests, they are not included in any hosting kit. 

    When making a one-off payment or monthly subscription, you will have to contribute to it separately. Keep in mind that it is not possible to make callbacks to numbers outside the Canada and USA.

    DreamHost provides the mandatory base of knowledge and discussion forums to help customers solve their own problems.  They also claim to offer "in-house support 24/7." 

    However, our tests revealed the contrary.  There is a little message icon in the lower right corner of their screen. Tap on it, and you will pick from a few pre-set answers instead of being presented with an open box of dreambot.

    They have automate the live chat system.  We tried to get a sales rep as soon as possible bypassing these options. But nobody was available at the time I tried And then it's not really "24/7." 

    In most time zones in the U.S., these hours coincide with business hours, but not if you are in other parts of the world.  During these hours, we had to come back later to check the process again. 

    A sales rep only took a few minutes to join, and they were both knowledgeable and helpful.  It's unfortunate you've got to jump through the hoops (show up at specific hours) in order to get first exposure to anyone.

    Overall the support system of Dreamhost was above Average.

    6:- Dreamhost Servers💻.

    Servers are another most important features of an hosting provider. If you have good Server then your website run fast. If you have bad server then it main effect on your speed. In the case of servers of a Hosting. You need a VPS hostings plan.

    Dreamhost have VPS hostings plan you can choose this for get the best speed srever for you websites. The details explanation about the Dreamhost Virtual Private Server are given below 👇

    The VPS Basic plan looks cheap at just $10 a month for three years, $13.75 on the annual plan, particularly as it is a controlled product (DreamHost manages the database, updates the OS, installs security patches, and so on). Resources are basic at just 1 GB RAM and 30 GB memory, and, most critically, there are no guaranteed CPU resources, but the account has no traffic restrictions, email addresses or space limits.  VPS Professional provides a more capable 4 GB RAM and 120 GB of storage for $40 a month over three years, $55 paid annually.

    The wide range of dedicated server plans for DreamHost differ from an ordinary Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread and 4 GB setup to a 12-Core 24-Thread 64 GB enterprise-level system.  They are not always as configurable as we would like-forget, for example, Windows hosting-but the long feature list includes uncapped bandwidth, OPcache PHP acceleration, a custom control panel, unrestricted IPv6 addresses, 24/7 database monitoring, and tech support that really awesome.

    Finally the servers of Dreamhost was really good for all.

    7:- Dreampress Review😎.

    Now I'm going share the details about What is Dreampress? Now you're going to know all about Dreampress.

    Many people have one question that What is Dreampress? Dreampress was a plan of Dreamhost. This is the WordPress plans managed by DreamHost allocate two private virtual servers per user to increase performance, scalability, and reliability. One VPS is designed to represent the frontend while the other includes MySQL servers.

    Customers of DreamPress receive the same SSD storage found elsewhere in DreamHost plans, but the company includes multiple caching layers, isolated server resources, and auto-scaling memory to deliver five times faster performance over regular WordPress hosting plans.

    The price tag associated with DreamPress is on par with other high-end WordPress managed hosting companies, including WPEngine and Flywheel, so we have no hesitation in recommending the high-powered services of DreamHost.

    8:- Pros😍 and Cons😠 of Dreamhost.

    Everything have some goods and some bAds so Dreamhost have also some goods and bAds. I would like to describe all bAds and goods in this article.

    The Pros and Cons of this website are given below 👇

               Pros.        .

    ✔️ you get Money-back period for 97 days & 100% Period of uptime.

    ✔️ Get Unlimited bandwidth and storage of data.

    ✔️ It is possible to host unlimited sites on the same account.

     ✔️ Limitless servers for MySQL & with Whois Privacy Free Domain.

    ✔️ Software installation with one-click & Website builder "Remixer" is included with our shared hosting plans free of charge.

    ✔️ Outstanding 24/7/365 customer support hosting plan as a separate service with  Supports most CGI, Perl, PHP 7, and Python scripts.

    ✔️ DreamHost providing cheapest shared hosting compare to other Hosting providers.

    ✔️Performance is great : according to some  tests (uptime & speed), DreamHost performed really amazing .

    ✔️ All hostings Plans of Dreamhost are come with truly unlimited storage and bandwidth.

               Cons.         .

    ❌ In dreamhost Some  hosting features cost extra.

     ❌ Although it is free on shared plans, on any other hosting plan, the website builder "Remixer" must be added as a separate service.

    ❌ Support staff call-backs cost extra on some plans Costs aren't as low as many competitors.

     ❌ Due to so many options, the control panel can be difficult to navigate.

    ❌ The site of Dreamhost does not have all the answers freely available on other hosting providers ' websites.

    9:- Dreamhost Alternatives.

    Now we are living on the compitative age. According to this age we see compitetion in every field. Alternative are available in every field. In hostings filds their are many companies are available those are given below 👇

    Okay, I must say I think DreamHost can be a good match for hosting most websites. But let me suggest a few alternatives for some scenarios: SiteGround and HostGator Hosting, along with DreamHost, offer the best support. I would suggest looking into milesweb Hosting or GoDaddy for those looking for a shared hosting service on Windows.  SiteGround is, in my experience, a top-performing server. We also offer a robust hosting package and are a great match for WordPress users.

    For more Alternative read also:- Best cheapest web hosting sites.


    Now time to solve your confusion. Now I am going to share some general questions about Dreamhost.

    Is Dreamhost was a good Website host?

    DreamHost is the best hosting service on the internet. They have 20 years of hosting engineering experience. To web developers, designers, authors, e-commerce and online business owners, DreamHost offers hosting services. DreamHost is a web hosting service that is reliable and affordable for you.

    DreamHost is a good provider of web hosting. Nonetheless, they are only suitable for U.S. user-based sites (web traffic) because their data center is located only in Los Angeles, California. If the traffic on your page is from countries other than the United States, such as Asia or Europe, then we strongly recommend that you do not use DreamHost as it will impact your site's efficiency.

    Which DreamHost plan is best for WordPress?

    Are you really want the hostings for WordPress, DreamHost provides personalized WP hosting, its managed platform is designed to host WordPress websites. DreamPress was developed for sites and blogs on WordPress.

    Does DreamHost have money-back guarantee?

    DreamHost provides its credit card purchased 97-day money-back guarantee on shared hosting. There are no other qualifying goods, programs, or forms of payment. If you have received a free domain, your refund must subtract its cost.

    Final Word

    I hope in this Review I answered all your DreamHost questions. But if you still have questions, please leave a message and I'm going to do my best to help you.

    DreamHost has some quality products and the prices are fair, but there are one or two unusual catches: no email with the starter shared hosting plan (it's a paid extra), no allocated CPU resources with VPS hosting. These won't matter to everyone, but check the small print carefully before you buy.


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