Host IT Smart Review(july): A Cheapest web Hosting Provider.

Host IT Smart Review
Host IT Smart Review

Host IT Smart Review: Let's Read about Host IT Smart, A Hosting provider that not only provides the Cheap but also the best-hosting Service.

Host IT Smart Review

Many times you heard this Phrase that ‘You get what you pay for’ as this means that a thing that can be bought for a very low price probably isn't very good.

As many believe that this phrase is right too because this is actually what going on in the market of buying & selling.

    1:- What is HostITSmart?

    Host IT Smart aims to provide top-level domain and hosting services to its customers.

     Their online success is our priority and ultimate goal. Through the years, we have successfully touched many businesses by increasing their online presence in every way defined within our scope of service.

     There various products, services and consultancy have the power to start an online business.

    This hosting provides the following services to their customers:-

    • Domain
    • Linux Hosting
    • Windows Hosting
    • Reseller Hosting
    • Dedicated Servers
    • SSL
    • VPS Hosting
    • Request a Free Demo
    • Request a Free Plesk Panel Demo
    • Google Apps

    Visit HostITsmart

    Host IT Smart proves this phrase absolutely wrong by defining its services as the best along with the cheap pricing provided by them.

     They are very efficient in terms of performance, Security & Customer support.

     I would mention this in this blog ahead to show why this hosting provider is best for your business website.

    2:- About this Company.

    Host IT Smart Review:- This company started its journey from the year 2012. They have two data centers, India & the USA.

     This Company started with an aim to provide Cheap web hosting with Complete loaded technology.

     Till now they have hosted 4000+ hosting & 5500+ Domains.

    Today they have 100000+ Clients all over the world and became one of the most reputed hostings providers.

    They are popular for the unmatched Assistance to clients & Reliability of the company.

    3:- Plans and Pricing

    Host IT Smart Review:- Host IT Smart is one of the leading Indian web hosting companies that aims to provide top-level domain and hosting services to its customers.

     After facing some successful years in the web hosting industry, it stands for excellence when it comes to seamless and flawless web hosting services.

     Host IT Smart providing linux & windows hostings Both platforms offer budget hosting plans. They also provide dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting services.

     These plans are suitable for all types of users from startups to users with large business projects.

     They also provide an excellent 24/7 customer support using live chat, e-mail and phone.

    • WordPress hosting plans;-

    Host IT Smart Wordpress Hosting Plans come in 3 different packages like:- Starter, Performance and Business.
    Host IT Smart Review

    Starter Plan -
     You get Rs. 80/- per month which includes Unlimited Weapons and Bandwidth, Unlimited Email ID, Host Single Website, 1 Sub Domain and 2 MYSQL Space.

    Performance plan-
     You will get Rs. 160 per month which includes Unlimited Weapons and Bandwidth, Unlimited Email ID, Host 10 Website, Unlimited Subdomains and Database.

      Business Plan-
     You get Rs. 320 per month which includes unlimited waps and bandwidth, unlimited email IDs, host unlimited websites, unlimited subdomains and databases.

    • Shared Windows Hosting plans:-

    Host IT Smart Review

     Host IT Smart Windows Hosting Plans come in 3 different packages like:- Starter, Performance and Business.

    • Smart VPS plans:-

    Host IT Smart Review

    Host IT Smart VPS Hosting Plan 3 come in different packages like:- Starter, Performance and Business.

      Starter -
     You will get Rs. 300 per month for 1 year payment which includes 2 GB RAM, 2 GB VSWAP RAM, 50 GB RAID diskspace and 2 TB bandwidth.

      Performance -
     You will get Rs. 450 per month for 1 year payment which includes 4 GB RAM, 4 GB VSweep RAM, 75 GB RAID diskspace and 4 TB bandwidth.

    Above, as pricing of the hosting plans is shown, it is absolutely clear that the plans of this provider are cheapest from all.

     You can see their hosting plans as they provide Cheap Linux Hosting at only $1.50/month

    But cheap pricing is not everything in the purchase of hosting as the best services are also important in this Sector.

     So looking at this factor seriously Host IT Smart provides the best features along with the best services.

    4:- Features 

    Affordable & Reliable Provider:

    As we are discussing from the beginning, the pricing of this Company is unmatched among all the providers as that’s why they are considered to be the Cheap VPS Server provider.

     As their pricing are affordable for everyone & especially for beginners, Small Businesses that have not much budget.

    After the cheap Pricing:

     Reliability is a factor that comes into the picture.

     As the best pricing maybe you find easily in the market but the reliability is not availed easily in the market.

     In the hosting industry, Reliability means the proper speed of the server, secure also that not affects the website of the client but also maintains the security of the website too.

    Professionalism in Customer Support:

     As you also know that only Cheap & affordable is not enough, but the standard of Services & features are also important.

     Host IT Smart have never compromised with this factor as they also know that customer is using a technical machine and someday if a problem occurs.

     at that situation where the client will go as at that time only the support team will able to help them and get out of that situation.

    Host IT Smart provides Customer Assistance through 3 Ways by Telephone Support, Chat Support & Ticket submitting Support.

    Top-Notch Security:

    This Provider does not compromise with the security of the Server & website of the Client.

     As they have the advanced features to maintain security. They also provide the Client with regular Malware Scanning to protect the website not get affected by the Malicious Activities, virus Attacks & other spam activities that can affect the website very badly.

     SSL Certificate & Sitelock:

    They Provide SSL Certificate at only $10/yr that also creates satisfaction among the visitors that their data is not encrypted at all.

     It is one of the important features for e-commerce sites where a monetary transaction takes place a lot. As it is a good impression of the website.

    30-Day MoneyBack Guarantee:

     Host IT Smart stands with all their claims & also invite you to purchase a service and if they do not stand as per your expectation then without any question, they provide the 30-Day Money-back Guarantee for your purchased services.

    Final word

    Host IT Smart Review:- These above points show that Host IT Smart actually proves the phrase wrong ‘You get what you pay for’ by offering the best services & features at such best Cheap Pricing.

     This also proves that customer satisfaction is their preference for the business.

    This provider is best for the owners who have a budget problem and can afford to host at cheap pricing and also want the features with the hosting.

     So hope you have found your host for your business through this article.

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